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Organic Bioitalia Durum Wheat Caserecce from a blockchain-registered supply chain.

Bioitalia's bronze cut pasta is produced from certified organic crops, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity of the product. We have recently upgraded our extruders by replacing their matrices, through the transition from Teflon to bronze, bringing several notable advantages: a better texture, a better sauce adherence and enhanced flavors. With bronze-cut extrusion, we have improved our products to offer you superior quality.

Bioitalia's organic durum wheat pasta is produced from certified organic farming, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity of the product.

But that's not all: we are committed to ensuring maximum transparency in the production chain through blockchain registration. Thanks to this innovative technology, you can trace the entire journey of our organic pasta, from the sowing of durum wheat to the finished product. This guarantees you certified origin and the authenticity of our product.

Organic durum wheat semolina

Contains gluten.

This pasta pairs perfectly with a variety of seasonings, from sauces to vegetable-based dishes.

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