Bronze cut pasta

Bronze-drawing is a slow drying process conducted at low temperatures in bronze molds. This method gives the pasta a rougher and more porous texture, allowing the sauce to adhere perfectly. This technique imparts the typical taste of traditional pasta.
By choosing our bronze-drawn durum wheat semolina pasta, you will appreciate the quality guaranteed by Bioitalia. Moreover, bronze-drawn pasta is registered on the blockchain, providing you with additional guarantees and information about our product. This innovative technology enables the tracking of our organic pasta's entire journey, from the sowing of the durum wheat to the finished product. It ensures the certified origin and authenticity of our product.

Bioitalia bronze-drawn durum wheat semolina pasta is made from the finest organic wheat sourced from the southern regions of Italy. We guarantee maximum transparency throughout the production chain thanks to blockchain registration. This innovative technology allows you to trace the entire journey of our organic pasta, from sowing to the finished product. Thus, the certified origin and authenticity of our product are ensured.

Bronze-cut pasta has a different texture compared to other types of pasta. It has a much less "slippery" texture than those made with Teflon. This better texture allows it to blend more harmoniously with other ingredients.

The true great taste of Mediterranean tradition.