Every Bioitalia pasta package is synonymous with an ethical and responsible choice for the planet. Official certifications attest to the organic origin of the ingredients and transparency in production. But it doesn't stop there: we are committed to ensuring maximum transparency in the production chain through blockchain recording. Thanks to this innovative technology, you can trace the entire journey of our organic pasta, from sowing to the finished product. This ensures certified origin and the authenticity of our product.

By choosing Bioitalia organic pasta, you will not only enjoy an authentic and nutritious taste but also contribute to supporting ecological and sustainable agricultural practices.

Discover all the goodness of Bioitalia organic pasta: flavourful, tasty and bright like a sunny day! The durum wheat semolina used to manufacture Bioitalia pasta is not only organic, but it is certified according to the blockchain system standards to further guarantee quality and safety.

Available in many shapes and with different ingredients: from the bronze extruded durum wheat semolina to the gluten-free, whole wheat, with bean flours and with vegetables. It is truly an embarrassment of riches!