Embark on a journey through the production of our organic durum wheat semolina pasta: it begins with cultivation in the fields of Castelvecchio di Puglia. The finest organic semolina is then carefully selected and processed through milling, mixing, kneading, bronze die extrusion, drying and packaging, all carried out at the mill and pasta factory. These longstanding and reliable partners share our values, ensuring the outstanding quality of our pasta is maintained.

This is why we’re intensifying our endeavors to ensure the highest levels of transparency and safety in our production chain through Blockchain registration. With this cutting-edge technology, you can track every step of our organic durum wheat semolina pasta’s journey, from the plant to the final product. This ensures you the certified origin and authenticity of our product.

This is why we chose to be a certified organic supply chain.

Now, with our entire supply chain integrated into the blockchain, we can ensure respect and solidarity among operators through the adoption of an internal ethical code, production planning and the assurance of minimum prices for valued farmers.

Only in doing so can we offer you the ultimate in quality, food safety, and transparency, combined with sustainability and certified product origin. And that's why our pasta is truly GOOD in every way.

Let's get to know each other better.