Vegetable pasta

Bioitalia's organic vegetable pasta is a true homage to the vibrant colors of the Italian flag. This selection includes fusilli, penne and spaghetti, carefully made using high-quality organic ingredients. To achieve the distinctive vegetable coloring, spinach and tomatoes are added to the traditional durum wheat semolina. This natural combination gives the pasta a unique flavor, offering a special and evocative culinary experience. With Bioitalia's organic vegetable pasta, you can enrich your table with creativity and tradition.

Bioitalia tricolor pasta is a tribute to the colors of the Italian flag.

Durum wheat semolina combines with spinach for green and with tomato for red.

To add color and flavour to your pasta dishes!  

As a salad or with your favorite sauce... like being in Italy on a beautiful hot and sunny day. Buon Appetito!