Oils and vinegars

Our dedication to quality and sustainability is an ongoing commitment. Bioitalia's organic condiments are the perfect choice for those who appreciate authentic flavor and the well-being of their kitchen. Thanks to our attention to the environment and the pursuit of sustainable farming practices, we offer a selection of condiments that respect your health and the planet.

But there's more: we love to be transparent, which is why every step of the production process, from harvesting to bottling, is carefully recorded and traced through Blockchain technology. This innovation allows you to follow the entire journey of our condiments, ensuring the utmost certainty regarding their origin.

Our special selection of the best organic seasoning includes classic oils, flavoured and vinegars. Our organic seasoning will give personality and richness to all your sweet and savoury recipes, with authentic and genuine flavours, strengthened by the quality of organic crops and certified supply chain. Bring the wellness on your table, with everything for salads, meat and fish and even for fresh fruit, with our organic vinegar. You can’t go wrong: our selection of organic seasoning will be your winning choice.