Juices and Smoothies

Only fruit or fruit and vegetables. Without added sugars or other ingredients. Their genuineness and lightness provide a unique and satisfying break.

Choose from a wide range of fruit and vegetable combinations, perfect for giving yourself a refreshing and revitalizing break during your day. Bioitalia brings the authenticity of organic farming to the table because we believe that taste is the result of carefully selected ingredients cultivated with passion and respect. Explore the line of organic beverages specially designed for you by Bioitalia, ideal for enhancing your dinners and aperitifs. Whether you desire a light snack or an aperitif option, our Bioitalia purees and smoothies without added sugars are the perfect choice.

Bioitalia organic beverages are tasty, light and above all healthy. The new organic drinks without added sugars are perfect for a healthy and balanced diet. With their unique and refreshing taste they are ideal for your breaks. This line of organic beverages has been specifically studied to offer you just the taste of fruit without adding any sugar! You can choose among various mixes of fruit and fruit&veggies.