Vegetables and Pulses

Undisputed protagonists of a varied diet, pulses are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet. And do you know what makes them even better? When they are grown using organic methods, with a keen eye on environmental sustainability and product quality. With Bioitalia's organic pulses, you have a wide selection tailored for your diet. You can choose from endless varieties of beans, chick peas, lentils and peas. The possibilities are endless: from hummus to cold pastas, from salads to rich and flavorful soups. So, put your favorites on the table, get inspired, and enjoy the authentic taste and nutritional goodness of Bioitalia's organic pulses. The perfect choice for a balanced and sustainable cuisine.

Organic cereals and legumes are an important part of a proper diet. They are real allies for a proper functioning of your body: nutritional properties, high digestibility and a caloric intake sufficient to replace a complete meal. With a never-ending choice for recipes with organic legumes and cereals, your lunch will always explode with taste. Choose Bioitalia to shop for organic legumes and cereals, we ensure the quality of organic farming with the convenience of finding selected products all in one place! For a meal outside, nothing will beat our legumes and cereal soup, that you can eat straight from the jar!